Probably the last thing I’ll post for like 6 months, enjoy!

Probably the last thing I’ll post for like 6 months, enjoy!

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Fuck you ernie

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I’m sorry I’m on here so rarely lately.


Khmer Cleansing


Khmer Cleansing

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Anonymous asked: 2, 55, 56

sorry this took so long, I got busy. 

2: Are relationships ever worth it? Of course. Always worth it. 

55: Share a relationship story. On mine and Lauren’s first date, we went to watch the Guilt Trip. I needed to kiss her the entire time, but instead I chickened out, and waited until the very end of the movie, I rubbed her hand throughout the whole thing though. so at the end of the movie, we stood up, and stood awkwardly for a few seconds, then I went to kiss her, but bitched out and hugged her instead. I apologized for making her wait so long, she smiled really big and said it was okay, and then we shared the best smooch in the history of man-kind. (Also my first kiss, and this story is so nice, you’ll read it twice, probably) 

56: share 8 facts about your body. I don’t know, I have all my organs??

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